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Small Pentacle Earrings

Small Pentacle Earrings

Sterling Silver Small Pentacle Earrings
Diameter 13 mm across

Weight: 2.00 grams

Made from solid sterling silver.

These silver earrings are hand polished not tumble polished, which leads to a high quality finish that is noticeably different.

The pentagram was considered by the ancient Greeks and medieval astrologers to be a protective symbol with supernatural properties. Often in the past people would mark their doors with pentagrams to ward off evil spirits and witchcraft. 

A five-pointed star (pentagram) with a circle around is known as a pentacle. This circle represents sacred space in which the fifth element of spirit controls the four earthly elements.

In white magic (with the top pointed upwards) it is used as a symbol to support transmission and communication with the spirit world. 
Its five points are to represent the four classic elements of earth, water, air and fire joining with the fifth element of spirit to create life. 

Supplied in a Organza Gift Bag.


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