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Citrine Chip Bracelet

Citrine Chip Bracelet

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Crystal chip bracelets are small pieces of crystal that have been tumbled until smooth, and then strung together on elastic. 
A wonderful deep yellow/orangey colour, also with touches of white and some clearness in the citrine. 
The crystal chips often have one side that is at least 6mm in one dimension.
Citrine is often found in areas where there has been intense heat, such as volcanic regions. When amethyst is heated in this way, it turns into citrine. 
Citrine is a relaxing crystal and helps promote, relaxation, good feelings & laughter.The energy of citrine can help us feel more balanced and eliminate negativity.
Citrine is a stone that often reflects light in a sunny and warming fashion. It is a crystal of creativity and positive expression of who we really are.
Citrine promotes good communication, fruitfulness and a positive disposition.

Supplied in a Organza Gift Bag
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