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Aquamarine Chip Bracelet

Aquamarine Chip Bracelet

Elasticated Chip Bracelet - Aquamarine

Crystal chip bracelets are small pieces of crystal that have been tumbled until smooth, and then strung together on elastic.
The crystal chips often have one side that is at least 5 mm in one dimension.
Please note aquamarine is a natural product &  each piece will be unique & the colour will vary slightly, but the quality is consistent.
Aquamarine gets it name from the latin "water of the sea," as its colour resembles the blue of the sea. 
Other ancient traditions say that wearing an aquamarine promotes happiness in relationships. The stone has a very soothing and calming energy, enhancing feelings of trust, friendship and harmony. Many people use it for work with the fifth chakra - the energy centre in the throat - as it can promote improved communication skills.

Supplied in a Organza Gift Bag.

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